5 Timeless Kitchen Trends

Thinking about doing some home renovations? If you have an older home, it’s definitely time to make some updates. It’s estimated that 85% of homes in the United States were built before 1980 and, therefore, need updating. One room you should prioritize while updating your home is your kitchen.

Not sure where to start with this room? Here are five timeless kitchen trends that will transform your space instantly.

An Open-Concept Kitchen

Having a kitchen that’s isolated and confined can throw off your home’s flow. If you want to create a kitchen that effortlessly flows with the rest of your home, you need to look into an open-concept kitchen. Open concept kitchens literally break down the barriers of your home and create a casual but trendy dining experience. You can cook and entertain at the same time, which saves you time and effort.

Creating an open-concept kitchen can be done with a kitchen remodel. It starts with knocking down the kitchen walls and opening up space to your dining room, living room, and other spaces surrounding your kitchen. You can work with a kitchen remodeling company to create a seamless design that makes the kitchen its own space while simultaneously complementing your home’s overall design.

Kitchen Islands

It’s hard to picture a modern kitchen that doesn’t have an island in it. If you don’t have one, consider putting one in during your kitchen remodel.

A kitchen island gives your kitchen a focal point and centers its design. It also provides more storage and more seating for your guests.

The key to adding an island during a kitchen renovation is to make sure it achieves the delicate balance of centering the kitchen, but not looking like it was an obvious addition. Pick an island that works with your cabinets and countertops so there’s cohesion in your kitchen’s design. When done right, an island can add the right balance of efficiency and elegance to your kitchen.

Complementary Backsplash

Something that can make your kitchen renovations look timeless and classic is a complementary backsplash. A backsplash is made of a material that’s meant to fill the spaces between the cabinets and countertops. While it protects the wall, it can also be stylish.

When you do your kitchen remodel, talk to your contractor about picking out a backsplash that goes well with your kitchen’s design. Typically, you want to pick a backsplash that complements the countertops, but each redesign is different. Some popular choices for kitchen backsplash include tile and marble slabs.

Elegant and Efficient Cabinets

Cabinets can make or break your kitchen’s look. You could have beautiful flooring and countertops, but people won’t notice those things if your cabinets are eyesores. If your cabinets are outdated, make sure you get new ones when you do your kitchen remodel.

There are multiple cabinet trends you can look into for your kitchen redesign. Some popular ones include open-shelf cabinetry and minimalist cabinets. No matter what trend you choose for your kitchen, make sure you work with your remodeling company to ensure the cabinets work for your kitchen’s overall design. The last thing you want is for your cabinets to stick out like sore thumbs in an otherwise cohesive space.

Smart and Sleek Appliances

No matter what kitchen trends emerge, you’re going to need updated appliances to tie the kitchen together. As you work on your kitchen remodel, take a look at what the newest appliances on the market are and how they’re designed. Are they stainless steel and enabled with smart devices? Or are they designed to be more subtle within the kitchen’s design? Pay attention to the kinds of appliances on the market and how they’ll look in your kitchen.

These appliances can also add value to your home, especially if they’re smart appliances. Talk to your remodeling company about the latest appliance trends they’re seeing and if you can capitalize on them with your kitchen design.

If you’re doing home renovations, you want to make sure you do them right; this is especially true for your kitchen. These trends will last for years to come and help effortlessly tie your kitchen into the overall design of your home. When done right, these trends will make your kitchen one of the favorite rooms in the house.