5 Mind-Blowing Design Trends You Should Consider

The best way to celebrate the dawn of a new year is to refresh as many aspects of your life as you can. And is there a better way to do this than focusing on the personal spaces we spend so much time in?

It may be your goal to make some changes in your home this year, and we believe this is a good idea. Working on having a finished basement, or on a first floor remodel, will help change how your home looks. This explains why so many homeowners are obsessing over a kitchen remodel.

If you’re one of these people, you may want to take a look at this list of kitchen trends.

1. Smart Kitchens

Technology is like that relentless cousin that insists on following you everywhere you go whenever you go home for Christmas. Improvements in technology have led to changes in almost every industry known to man, and kitchens haven’t been left that far behind.

Smart kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as people become more accommodating and trusting of smart living. It’s possible to integrate technology to each one of your kitchen’s functions, including your lighting and appliances.

During your kitchen remodel, you can opt to have sensors, smart gadgets, and other such devices installed. This will make your kitchen more functional and comfortable to use.

2. Darker Cabinet Colors

White kitchens are so last year! Not only is the generic white a little bit too ‘safe’, but it also makes it challenging to come up with an edgy, playfully designed kitchen. This explains why so many homeowners are now going for dark, glum color palettes.

Black, emerald green, and even plum are a few colors that are slowly making their way onto everyone’s kitchen. Such dark shades work magic when contrasted with colorful kitchen islands. With this trend, you can quickly come up with an artistic, bold, and intricately design for your next kitchen remodel.

3. Quartz Countertops

For a long time now, many homeowners have been obsessed with marble kitchens. Marble, when laid right, can change every room from a tepid space to an elegant, beautiful, and classy spot. However, everyone soon realized how incredibly demanding it is to maintain marble, especially when it’s on such a commonly-used space as your kitchen countertop.

This is why you should consider using quartz on your kitchen remodel. It’s incredibly hardy, easy to maintain, and is antimicrobial. Thanks to technology, manufacturers are now providing a wide range of colors to choose from for quartz countertops. You can also get it finished with various designs and textures, giving you a lot of room to flex your interior designer muscles.

4. Incorporating More Effective Storage

Basic kitchen cabinetry is structured in such a way that so much space gets wasted. Because of how wide most of these cabinets and shelves are, it’s rather challenging to utilize and organize the area effectively.

This is one of the issues you must address during your kitchen remodel. A functional kitchen must have a practical storage solution. Buying appliance garages for your small appliances and installing drawer dividers for utensils and cutlery will help you address these storage challenges. It may also be a good idea to put in four-tier stands for your vegetables, spices, and recipe books.

Tucking away all the excesses during your kitchen renovation will help create a kitchen that’s focused entirely on making cooking fun and less frustrating.

5. Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

Gone are the days when islands were squeezed in as an afterthought. They have now become the focal point of every kitchen, and it may be a good idea to install one during your kitchen remodeling project.

Many homeowners are going for single-level, larger-sized islands with multiple uses. With under-counter cabinets, they can offer a robust solution for your storage challenges. They also provide an incredible space to tuck things away, making your kitchen more neat and tidy.

If you’re going with this option, make sure to go big or go home. A kitchen island must be a beautifully-designed, eye-catching centerpiece.

If you’re planning on doing major kitchen renovations, you can let these design trends inspire your decisions. These ideas will help you carve out a space that your family will enjoy cooking and eating in.