5 Ideas You Can Use During Your First Floor Remodeling Project

Few people ever get to grow up in more than one house. In fact, some families have a generational home that is passed down over many years. It is, therefore, not unfeasible, that if such a home were to come into your possession, there are a couple of things you might want to change.

First floor remodeling will help you change the aura of the house and will help you make the house into a home that fits your way of life. Here are a few ideas you can use during your first floor remodeling project that will help you change your home’s aesthetic without doing anything drastic.

1. Knock Down that Wall

When on your first floor remodeling project, you should consider removing the wall between the family room and kitchen for incredibly dramatic results. Knocking this wall down will open the kitchen to your family room and will make this section of your house look more open and spacious.

You don’t have to make any adjustments to your kitchen after this. However, you can replace the counter-tops and backdrop with something more eye-catching, like granite and marble, since the kitchen will now be visible to your guests.

It is crucial to have an architect draw up plans for this kind of remodel work. This is because that wall may be load-bearing, and may need beams to be put up in place. This is precisely the sort of thing an architect can help you with.

2. You Can Add a Door between the Garage and Family Room

This door will be quite worthwhile in the long run, as you will come to see. It will make it easier to get your groceries and children into the house from the car.

However, before committing to this idea, make sure to take building codes into account. For example, it is crucial to keep the fire rating between the garage and the house intact.

3. Add an Island Into Your Kitchen and Expand It

During your first floor remodeling project, you ought to dedicate money and time to the kitchen renovation. Leave a lot of space to work with. You can install new appliances that previously would’ve taken up too much kitchen space. This space will also make it possible for you to give yourself a kitchen island.

Kitchen islands are a great kitchen remodel trend. They become quite functional during parties or when you have lots of company over. At such times, you can use the island as a buffet to make sure everyone has ease of access.

4. You Can Add a Laundry Room and Mudroom

While working on your first floor renovations, it would be a good idea to add on a combined laundry and mudroom. Such a room will give you a place to store coats, shoes, books, and book bags. It will also provide a large open space to spread out and do your laundry comfortably.

Since such a room is usually close to the garage, you should install a utility sink in there to keep all the mess out of your home.

5. Consider Installing New Striking Features

Many people consider fireplaces a common feature in “old” houses. This isn’t the case. A fireplace makes your home cozier and provides an excellent space for you and your guests or for the family to engage in conversation while soaking in the ambiance.

A striking stairway will also help automatically change the way your home looks. To make your staircase more stunning, you can make minor upgrades such as replacing the tiles or the grab bars.

Making Your Home More Personal and Comfortable

First floor remodeling projects can help you iron out areas and features of your house that you’ve always found appalling. Statistics show that 85% of American houses were built before 1980. If you live in such a home, you can make it more personal and suitable to your needs by incorporating aspects of yourself into the end result and decor.

Make sure that the more technical aspects of your first floor remodel are take care of by a professional. This will help prevent errors and will also prevent accidents from occurring.