4 Ideas for a Basement Remodel

You can add more value to your basement by remodeling it to be used for other purposes, other than acting as a storage unit for items that you no longer use. Basement remodeling will add more utility to your house by turning the idle space into a livable space that you and your family can enjoy. By consulting a design-build remodeler, you will get more ideas of how to use the space created from a basement remodel. For the most part, these are common ideas that turn to great innovations when a basement renovation is professionally done by a design-build remodeler.

When doing a basement remodel, several building codes should be observed depending on the purpose that the finished basement is supposed to serve. Excellent design-build companies will observe all the laws required to make sure that your basement remodel does not breach your state’s building codes. There are many benefits of remodeling your basement. In addition to creating more space, a finished basement adds more value to your house.

If you are planning to sell your house, finishing the basement is a good idea because buyers will feel the house has more space. Additionally, by renovating the basement, air leaks and poor insulation can be fixed. This controls the airflow to the rooms above and will, in the long run, reduce your energy bills.

Here are ideas of how you can use the space created by a basement remodel.

1. TurnBasement Remodel the Basement into a Family Leisure Room

You can use a finished basement as a family room or a kid’s room. You can opt to turn the basement into a movie room and install a big screen TV, or turn it to a kid’s playroom. To make sure you maximize the basement space, plan before doing the remodeling. A design-build remodeler is best suited to help you make the most out of a basement renovation. If, for instance, you want to install a pool table, you and the designer will exchange ideas and come up with the best remodel design that will accommodate your pool table. There are more indoor games that a finished basement can accommodate, including darts, chess, or table tennis.

2. Gain an Extra Bedroom from the Basement Remodel

This requires proper calculation and planning to determine that the basement will be safe as a bedroom and that other amenities such as a full or half-bath will be accommodated. Your design remodeler will figure out the most effective way to renovate the basement and turn it into a bedroom. Building codes also require that a basement bedroom should have an emergency exit through a door or a window that is directly connected to the outside of the house. These are factors that your basement remodel professional will take into account, on and before renovating your basement.

3. Turn the Basement into a Mini Bar

This one of the more fun ideas that homeowners can get from a basement remodel. If, in particular, you love to entertain family and friends, creating a wet bar will serve your interests better. While at it, if the basement space and design allow, you can install a mini kitchen too. Additionally, basement remodeling can create enough space to accommodate a laundry room. These basement remodels require detailed design to make sure they do not interfere with any systems or parts of the house. That is why the best option is to engage a design-build basement remodel professional to do your basement renovation.

4. Create a Well-Designed Storage Place

If you prefer to use your basement for storage, your remodel can be designed to create a built-in storage unit. Install storage closets that will not only hold more items but also keep them in good condition. Your design remodeler will assess your basement space and advise on the closet designs that will give more utility.

In North America, 85% of the houses were built before 1980. This means that they require home improvements, and basement remodeling is a good start. Basement finishing will, in the long run, give you more value on space. As long as you contract an excellent design-build remodeler a basement remodel will be a great improvement to your home.

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