4 Benefits of Starting a First Floor Renovation in Your Home

A first floor renovation can transform your home in the best ways possible. The four main benefits of first floor renovations include increased home value, upgraded kitchen area, increased energy efficiency, and tailored entertainment features. Read below for more details on these four benefits and determine if your home in Louisville needs this life-changing project.

1. Increased Home Value

According to ComfyLiving, 80% of houses need remodeling and improvement because they’re at least 20 years old. When your home is old, its value may decrease as the years go by. That’s why remodeling is such a great idea, especially when you plan on selling it soon. The upgrades and repairs of the project will attract potential home buyers if and when you decide to sell your home. This increased demand for your home due to renovations may result in a higher asking price and a larger profit once it sells.

2. Upgraded Kitchen Area

With the kitchen being a high-traffic area in every household, upgrades to this space may be much-needed and appreciated in your home. The key to this renovation is to incorporate features that will improve the design of your kitchen and increase its functionality. Examples of work in the kitchen may include new cabinetry, upgraded appliances, additional storage space, and new countertops. Once the project is complete, your kitchen routines will feel effortless, and you will have an enhanced interior design. You’ll be able to host friends and family much easier, and it’ll feel like a brand-new home.

3. Increased Energy Efficiency

A first floor renovation can add features and upgrades that will increase energy efficiency in your home. Not only will these energy-saving implementations help you do your part to protect the environment, but they can also decrease your monthly energy bills, which saves you money in the months and years to come. Installing efficient windows, purchasing new appliances, and adding more insulation to the first-floor areas are great ways to conserve energy in your household. You’ll be getting better appliances while doing your part to protect the environment.

4. Tailored Entertainment Features

If you’re an avid party host for your family and friends, adding home features tailored to entertainment may be just the ticket. While the project will differ depending on the status of your current home, some renovation projects take your gathering to the next level. Examples of first-floor undertakings catered toward entertaining are a bar area, a seating area, aesthetic light fixtures, and a more open floor plan. These projects can make your home practical and comfortable for gathering guests and having fun.

Experts in Louisville, Kentucky can assist with beginning a first floor renovation and give guidance on which upgrades are needed most in your home. Start this home project today by getting in touch with our experienced team.f