3D Renderings: The Key to a Successful Remodel

Most homeowners can imagine elements of their dream space, but it’s often difficult to picture how every element of a home remodel — from fixtures to furniture placement to features — will work together. Luckily, Bailey Remodeling has a solution to this common problem: 3D renderings.

3D renderings are a step beyond traditional blueprints. Blueprints are very technical; with extreme precision they show our design and build teams exactly how everything will be placed in a remodeled space. Blueprints show where to cut, where to position, where to nail, and where to wire. They’re invaluable to the construction process. What they don’t provide is a visual representation of how the space will look, feel, and function — that’s where 3D renderings come in. For example:


These images show the rendering of a basement beverage area (top image) and the finished product (bottom image). As you can see, the 3D rendering captures the feel of the space, from the way the rustic shiplap and red brick coordinate to the cabinetry and lighting. With this image, the homeowners could imagine how they would use the space. For this remodel, they decided to add a small refrigerator next to the wine fridge. This was a simple addition in the early stages of the remodel but could have been incredibly complex and potentially expensive later.


Another view of this Norton Commons basement shows a comfortable living area, perfect for watching the game or reconnecting with friends. With this 3D rendering, the homeowners could be confident in their electrical placement, particularly where the wall-mounted TV would be placed.


As you can see in these images, the basement’s 3D renderings are nearly identical to the completed space. These renderings ensure homeowners are completely satisfied with every aspect of the remodel long before the first hammer is swung.

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