3 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

Many Americans who own houses want to either remodel or sell their property. According to research conducted by Kitchen and Bath Business (KBB), nearly 60% of Americans say they own their current residence, and 24% claim they want to remodel or sell this year. A remodeling project allows you to upgrade your appliances, make your kitchen energy-efficient, and increase your home’s overall resale value. If you are contemplating a home remodel, here are three signs it’s time to upgrade your kitchen.

1. Your Kitchen Is Old and Outdated

An old and outdated kitchen is probably dysfunctional and unattractive, especially if you plan on listing your home. Although appearance isn’t usually a top priority for many homeowners, it’s often a key selling point and gathering area for home buyers. Getting a remodel will help turn your old-fashioned kitchen into a stylish, beautiful room. You can add new appliances, get new countertops, and paint your kitchen with new colors during the remodel. A customized design with visual enhancement will make your kitchen a particularly important room in your home.

2. Your Kitchen Has Less Storage and Food Preparation Space

A good kitchen should be spacious. There is nothing more annoying than having a kitchen with inadequate storage for kitchen appliances, utensils, and food items. It’s especially inconvenient when there’s no room to prepare food! A kitchen remodel can help you create a more functional space with ample storage and room for food preparation. Take some time to consider the specific appliances you intend to purchase so that the dimensions can be included in your remodeler’s design. If you plan to put the new kitchen to use yourself, keep in mind your habits and preferences when cooking or using the space. If your kitchen remodel will be a selling point when you put your home on the market, consider current trends and ask for input from the remodeling team.

3. You Want to Sell Your House

It’s time to remodel your kitchen if you plan to sell your house. The kitchen is one of the most important selling points of a home. A remodeled kitchen with a good design, new modern appliances, and adequate space will attract more potential buyers. A kitchen remodel can also increase the value of your property. Therefore, ensure the remodel aligns with the current styles and trends to attract high bids.

For many, kitchens represent family and good memories. If your current kitchen needs some attention, now is the time. Are you ready to remodel YOUR kitchen? Call a kitchen remodel expert today if you want to get started.