3 Ideas For Your New Finished Basement

If you’re looking to add extra usable space to your home, one of the first places you should look to is your basement. A finished basement can help you make the most of the space you already have in your home and increase your house’s overall value. Use these ideas as a guide to your basement remodeling in the future.

Improve Efficiency

When you’re looking into basement renovations, one of the first things you should consider is how your new space is going to impact your home’s utility bills and energy use. If you’ve got any windows or doors that lead outside in your basement, be sure that they’re up to date and using the most efficient materials possible. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, air leaks around your windows and doors can add 10% to your heating bills. Don’t forget to make use of improved insulation as well, since basements can sometimes be more difficult to keep heated during the winter months.

Entertainment Central

If you frequently host guests in your home, or if you’re just looking for a bit of extra space to entertain, be sure to complete your basement remodel with entertainment and media in mind. Consider upgrading your wiring to allow for a multimedia space or even a home theater that’s guaranteed to impress your friends and family. Even without upgrading your home’s electrical systems, you can add plenty of entertainment options like a pool table or other gaming space.

Functional Square Footage

For homeowners looking to remodel their basement as a means of adding more usable space and increase their home’s practical square footage, keep in mind what space you’ll get the most use out of in your home. In need of a home office? Convert a portion of your new finished basement into a workspace. Lacking proper storage? Give your finished basement plenty of closets and shelving. Design your finished basement for your needs to get the most out of the new square footage.

Basement remodeling can be an ideal way to add more to your home without having to completely redesign your living space. For more remodeling ideas or to schedule the first steps of your basement remodel, contact Bailey Remodeling today.