3 Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel Experts Want You to Know

$424 billion. That is how much homeowners in the United States spent on home improvement in 2017. Home remodeling is a thriving sector if the numbers are anything to go by. In 2018, bathroom remodels were the most popular at 31% of all home improvements. General renovations such as basement finishing among others came second at 28% while 26% of homeowners planned a kitchen remodel. Here is a look at some ideas to help you redo your kitchen.


1. Mind the Traffic


When you are in the midst of your kitchen remodel, it is imperative to remember the kind of use the area will experience. Depending on how you plan to use your kitchen, you will need to predetermine the pathways for use and align the traffic flow to it.


The famed kitchen triangle theory is one way to think through your kitchen’s function. The theory states that the bulk of your kitchen work will revolve around the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove. As a result, your kitchen remodeling design should create a triangle between these three points for ease of movement.


Another issue to think through when handling a kitchen remodel is the entry and exit points. Map each of these points out so that when you are allocating locations for appliances, cabinets, and other moving parts, you can avoid placing them at these points. If you don’t, you will end up making it hard to enter and exit the kitchen due to other items blocking entry and exit points.


Since the kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that receives more traffic, you will want to factor in adequate aisle space with your kitchen renovation. The ideal aisle space to facilitate smooth traffic flow between countertops is 42 inches. But if you will be expecting high traffic flow in the kitchen, then you will have to bump your aisle allowance to 48 inches.


If you’re adding a kitchen island, you’ll have to balance between workflow in your kitchen and using the island. If your kitchen island has places for people to sit, then the plan should have them face the workspace but avoid the kitchen triangle.


2. Choose the Appliances Early


When many homeowners are doing kitchen renovations, they tend to pick out the appliances towards the end of the project. However, what any kitchen remodeling Louisville expert will tell you is that you ought to select the appliances before the kitchen remodel begins or makes much progress. When you choose the appliances early, it will enable you to have better flexibility in selecting the countertops and cabinets to fit the appliances than vice versa.


While looking at how to place the appliances, as much as possible build them into the design. You will have more counter space to dedicate to other functions.


Special attention will have to go into how high you place your microwave as it’s a frequently used appliance. The ideal height depends on who will be primarily working in the kitchen and how kid-friendly you want access to the microwave to be.


If adults are the priority, then the microwave should be at least above the countertop. Should you want the kids to easily access the microwave then think of placing it below the countertop.


3. Design an Appropriate Countertop


When redesigning your kitchen, you need to factor in the right countertop. Too little and you may not have adequate space to work on. If it is too much, it can take away valuable real estate from other necessary features. Designate your countertop space depending on how much or little you plan to work in the kitchen.


For the landing spaces, you need at least 15 inches on each side of the refrigerator and cooktop. Don’t forget to cater for two countertop levels in your design if you plan to involve your kids in meal preparation.


Bring Your Kitchen Remodel to Life


The home renovation industry is thriving, with several homeowners electing to redo their kitchen. For the best kitchen renovation results, you must balance between efficient workflow and creating a warm space for people to spend time in.