2024’s Pantone Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

In its announcement for the 2024 Color of the Year, Pantone called its 13-1023 Peach Fuzz “subtly sensual.” The color, which lands somewhere in the middle of pink and orange, takes over for 2023’s startlingly bright Viva Magenta by swinging the needle over from lush and seductive  to soft and cozy. This is because, as Pantone reminds us in the announcement, “at a time of turmoil in many aspects of our lives, our need for nurturing, empathy and compassion grows ever stronger as does our imaginings of a more peaceful future.”

“Peaceful” seems to be a key factor in many of the home design trends for 2024. In contrast to Peach Fuzz, paint giant Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year is mid-tone Blue Nova, a purpley periwinkle blue. Even so, one of the words they use to describe Blue Nova is “reassuring.”

How could you incorporate these colors into your 2024 update? 

Pantone’s Color of the Year typically applies to graphics, fashion and product design. Actor and Goop entrepreneur Gwyeneth Paltrow’s furniture line features various soft furnishings in Peach Fuzz, from couches to chairs and ottomans. A few throw pillows in Peach Fuzz on a neutral couch could also be fantastic. Light shining through Peach Fuzz curtains would give any room a regular “golden hour” glow. The soft and comforting nature of the color lends itself perfectly to use in bedrooms; bed linens or an accent rug could bring a sense of peacefulness to the most personal room in your home. 

Benjamin Moore’s announcement of Color of the Year leaned heavily into whole rooms painted in Blue Nova. The effect is deeply dramatic and intriguing. The shadows cast lean toward navy blue. But if you’re not ready to introduce that level of drama into your home just yet (Take a leap! Give it a try! It’s just paint!), there are many other ways to incorporate this tone into your design. 

Consider a half wall. The Benjamin Moore website features a living room with a Topaz chair rail dividing walls that are on the top White Lotus and on the bottom are Blue Nova, White Lotus and Topaz being two coordinating colors for the Color of the Year. An accent wall in Blue Nova would truly be an accent. The color would look stunning on a wall that also houses a fireplace and mantel either in brick or in a neutral color. Another way to incorporate either color of the year would be to paint the back wall of a built-in or standalone bookshelf with Peach Fuzz or Blue Nova. Peach Fuzz would bring warmth while Blue Nova would bring depth.

What other home design trends for 2024 could be described as “peaceful”?

The home design blog, the Spruce, outlined six trends for 2024 that are each peaceful in their own way.

The first was “smart homes.” AI and smart home technologies will “play into almost all areas of our homes—from heating and cooling to electricity to security systems, with increased automation and a particular focus on energy efficiency.” We want things to be efficient and easy, and what better way to achieve that than to turn many of our home functions over to technology?

“Eco-friendly materials”: Many of us are concerned about things like climate change and carbon footprints. Using locally sourced materials and eco-conscious materials in the redesign of your home can help you feel good about your family’s impact on the environment.

Another trend is “efficient kitchens,” according to the Spruce. Induction cooktops are increasingly favored over gas cooktops which can emit  fumes and cook more efficiently than electric stoves. Gone are the days of the massive kitchen islands, Spruce says, with more people favoring more functional and spacious “chef’s kitchens.” We still love big islands for their great blend of prep and gathering space

“Remodeling over building new.” With skyrocketing housing prices, many people are opting to improve what they already have rather than embarking on a new construction. “More homeowners are reassessing their existing space as they’re unable to find an existing home to purchase,” Laurel Vernazza, a home design expert, told the Spruce. Another design option related to this is building an accessory dwelling unit or ADU on your property for multi-generational living or guest houses to keep your family and visiting friends close to you.

The fifth trend the Spruce cites is “elevated outdoor living.” Did somebody say “pickleball court”? This sports trend has been sweeping the nation for years now and more and more people want the option to play in their own backyard. But other outdoor living trends are more about bringing the outdoors closer to your family, like true living room-like patios and kitchens with livable features including comfortable furniture, outdoor fireplaces and tvs, and outdoor cook spaces with all the indoor amenities like running water and refrigeration. 

The last on the list is a throwback to decades ago and a nod to our desires to live in our “forever homes.” “One story home design” is trending and that means we are acknowledging that our homes are not so much an investment as they are a place to live our lives. Many people are looking to the future and designing homes that are accessible so that they may live out their retirements and golden years in the family home. New trends in single story living include higher ceilings, more windows, and open floor plans. 

Whether your idea of “peacefulness” means surrounding yourself with calming and “reassuring” colors or keeping your family close, your life simple, or imbuing your family’s lived experience with an appreciation of nature, 2024’s design trends are meant for you. Politics, international affairs, and whatever hurdles you may personally face in 2024 call for a home base for you that is tranquil and a safe haven. Grant yourself a soothing home in 2024.